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Prodijig plan to celebrate €300k win with holiday...and a pint with Flatley EXCLUSIVE: Irish dancers delighted after Got To Dance victory

dance troupe Prodijig are hoping to celebrate their Got To Dance win with a "well-deserved holiday" and a visit to Michael Flatley's house.

The 2012 dancing champions, who toasted their win in style last night, revealed to the Herald that they're hoping the legendary Riverdance creator will get in touch to congratulate them.

Despite having the full support of Ireland and a massive contingent of fans in the UK, lead dancer and choreographer Alan Kenefick admitted that one resident of his hometown has not been flying the Prodijig flag.

"We didn't hear a word from Michael. Hopefully now we will. I'd love to hear from him, he changed Irish dancing and we're doing the same again now ... Hopefully he can appreciate and recognise what we're doing," the 27-year-old said.


"If we are half as successful as him then we'll be doing very well.

"He lives in Cork too ... we might try and call over to his house for a drink," Alan joked.

Prodijig battled it out against nine acts to win the Got To Dance trophy and bag the whopping £250,000 (€300,000) prize, in a packed out Olympia theatre of 6,000 screaming fans in London.

After making it into the last three acts, the former Riverdance performers beat Taylor & Elliott and Fear Of The Unknown to claim the crown.

The seven pals, who are jetting into Belfast today, admitted they can't wait to catch up with their families -- who they haven't seen in months due to their intense rehearsal schedules -- and chill out on a beach for a week. Alan added: "I can't wait to see my family for the first time this year. My parents stayed at home so they could vote, so I can't wait to celebrate with them.

"We all gave up our jobs to do this ... And we worked so hard for this.

"We haven't had a holiday in months, all we've been doing is practicing -- and before we didn't have enough money to go away. So we'd love to go somewhere warm and just sit on a beach and enjoy being the winners."

The three judges -- Diversity lead dancer and choreographer Ashley Banjo, former Pussycat Dolls dancer and singer Kimberley Wyatt, and Coyote Ugly star and West End performer Adam Garcia -- gave our native champs a standing ovation.

Ashley said that Prodijig's on-stage creation was "disgustingly good".

Kimberly added: "You're world class, you're absolutely phenomenal. That was outstanding. You're on another level. You are so crowd-pleasing, it's just brilliant," she said.

"We want to revolutionise Irish dance and we didn't do this just for the show. Hopefully by this time next year [Prodijig] will be even bigger, we definitely want to expand," said Alan.

The leader is joined by Ciara McGillan (25) and Christina Havlin (24) from the North, Donegal man Darren Casey (22), Dane McKiernan (24) from Co Meath, and Craig Mason (21) and Andy O'Reilly (24), who are English-born.

The group said they were shocked to land this year's title. "You never know how these things are going to go when it's a public vote. We didn't really hear Davina when she announced it, everyone else was just screaming. We're just going to live in the moment and enjoy it -- and we have to stay together now," Alan laughed.