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Pole dancing and boxing the Hylands -- here's Tallafornia

TALLAFORNIA viewers can expect pole dancing and punches when the series kicks off next year.

Audiences got a cheeky preview of what's in store on Sunday night and now the Herald can reveal that pole dancing, boxing and house parties are on the cards when the new TV3 show hits our screens in January.

The fly-on-the-wall series will see the three party girls, 22-year-old Kelly Donegan (inset above), Natalie Geraghty (21) and youngest of the cast Nikita Murray (19) brush up on their pole dancing skills and treat their male housemates to a surprise performance.

Meanwhile, Jay Abbey (30), Cormac Brannigan (29), David Behan (26) and Philly Penny (22) will be getting in the ring with well-known boxing brothers Paulie and Eddie Hyland.

"All seven of them were always up for doing things, they didn't want to just sit around the house or just go clubbing," said an insider.

"There's a lot more to the lads than just working out in the gym. Jay happens to be the Hylands' conditioning coach so it was great to get them in for an episode," the source divulged.

"Philly may be the smallest in the group of lads, but he's by far the most daring -- he has no problem getting in the ring."

The season premiere saw more than 250,000 tune in to see the on-screen action.

An insider at the Ballymount station said: "It definitely became racier than originally intended -- it pushes the boundaries of Irish television like we haven't seen before.

"Since it aired on Sunday it's been the third highest trend on Twitter in the world and highest in Ireland. The reaction has been amazing -- whether people are saying good or bad things, everyone's talking about it."

The Dubliners will also enjoy a day out rock climbing and host a number of wild house parties over the series.