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Please release me...will The Voice bosses let Ryan sing in BGT semi?

IRISH singer Ryan O'Shaughnessy's future is hanging in the balance as he waits to find out if The Voice bosses will release him from his contract.

The Skerries native has appealed to The Voice, a global brand, to be released from contractual agreements stopping him from competing in Britain's Got Talent.

The 19-year-old signed exclusive recording and touring agreements with Universal Music and The Voice when he got through to the live rounds of the RTE series.

Even though Ryan was booted off the Montrose programme in the early stages, the budding star has yet to find out whether he'll see his dream of performing on the live semi-finals of Simon Cowell's UK show.

"The semi-finals are expected to start around the end of April, start of May, so we'll see if I get in or not, I don't know yet, I'm still figuring it out," Ryan told the Herald.


The singer's pals from The Voice are "delighted" that Ryan has been offered another shot at fame and are cheering him on.

"My friends from The Voice are delighted for me ... I wanted to use my following for BGT, I want to be popular for longer than just a few months," he said.

Ryan went down a hit with viewers and judges alike on the programme last weekend with his rousing audition.

The former Fair City actor thinks the reason he's got 'loads' of female Twitter followers is because of his Irishness.

But it may have something to do with his love song No Name, which he wrote about school pal Katie Keegan (19).

"I've had a lot of lads saying fair play to me as well as girls, I am an old-school romantic, I'm a softy, so I think I've encouraged others," he said.

If he gets the go-ahead to perform on BGT's semi-finals, Ryan wants to showcase more of his song-writing talent.