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Pity nobody was watching IFTA chancer

JYou'd have thought that the image of the IFTAs couldn't be damaged any further after the debacle of this year's ceremony. And you'd be wrong.

Because it's just been revealed that one of the awards, for Best Documentary Series, was actually collected by an imposter.

According to Eoghan McDermott, who was presenting the non-televised section of the event, "This guy turned up on the podium, picked up his IFTA and...made his acceptance speech."

"The whole Irish TV and film industry was listening to him but he was a chancer."

All of which prompts three comments.

Firstly, Eoghan, the "whole of the Irish TV and Film industry" were not watching. As well documented in the press, they were ignoring what went on, which probably explains why this unidentified person got away with it.

Secondly, having already endured a few hours of the IFTA's yawn-a-thon, and with dinner looking like it was never going to arrive, he probably felt he deserved an award.

And finally, perhaps RTE should consider filming these more obscure award categories next year. They sound like a lot more fun that what was actually broadcast...

JWith broadcasters being afraid to open their mouths these days lest someone accuses them of defamation, it's a relief to see that common sense has prevailed in an incident involving Bryan Dobson, who while on air branded some protesters that were interrupting a live link as "idiots."

The Broadcasting Authority have cleared Bryan of any wrongdoing in their report which was prompted by six complaints. Which, in BAI's terms, is a tsunami of complaints. RTE haven't handed out tens of thousands of euro to the protesters for the pain, anxiety and grief that they suffered due to the comment. Well, not yet anyway...