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Pippa was just tired? My assess

OH, Pippa, what will we do with you?

No seriously, we're looking for some suggestions.

The leggy model and missus of Mr Nice Guy, Brian Ormond, tottered to defend her tipsy-looking Come Dine With Me behaviour this week after struggling at the table to pronounce the words "assess", subsequently saying she hadn't drunk too much but was merely "exhausted".

Seems funny, however, that she couldn't get her luscious lips around a word that sounds like the plural of "bottoms" when that's about the level of a lot of the other language used by contestants on the night.

Seriously, I can curse like a sailor in the pub, but the way some of them kept using the f-word as an adjective in what's essentially a mid-evening amateur cookery contest made Gordon Ramsay sound like Dana.

And I might have respected Pippa more had she simply admitted that, on the night in question, she was completely ephelants .. ephlapants ... oh, never mind.