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Pillow talk for Pauline on This Morning

Comedienne Pauline McLynn was presented with a special gift when she appeared on ITV's This Morning.

The actress, who is commuting between her home in Dublin and London and Manchester to film TV's Shameless, appeared on the morning show on Tuesday to promote the series.

The popular screen star explained how she was honoured when Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby surprised her with a specially branded pillow as a special memento to mark the occasion.

"I'll be sleeping nightly with Phillip and Holly from now on," she said.


"They found out that I spend a lot of time travelling and now have a bed in three different towns, so they had a pillow made up with their logo and a picture of each of them on either side.

"There are no complaints from yours truly -- Phillip and Holly are too pretty to be scary if you ask me."

Pauline (47) made her debut appearance on the first episode of Shameless season seven this week and said it is a relief that her scenes were not scrapped during the final edits.

"I was so nervous, as it was my first time to see the episode," she said.

"You read the scripts, they change, you shoot what's been locked off, it's edited, and you never know how much, if anything, of your stuff will still be in the episode when it's transmitted. I was just mightily relieved to see it was a truly good kick-off to the season. Someday I'll watch it without the terror and maybe even enjoy it, because I am a fan anyhow."

Pauline's introduction to the show as Frank Gallagher's new love interest, librarian Libby Croaker, will be a fleeting one, however, as she is not due to return to the show until episode seven.