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Peter's rehab surprise

Suzanne and Mark blame each other for causing Damien to work more, Charlie takes the dog for a walk but manages to lose it, and Connie receives bad news from her father. Elsewhere, Decco and Denzo set out to sell Zumo's dodgy goods.

Connie turns down Yvonne's offer to go to Australia with her, and Tracey feels insulted by Barry's cash offer for her agony aunt column. Meanwhile, Leo's guitar, TV and a chain are stolen, and Sarah denies being in a relationship with Keith.

Becky realises her illness is more than just morning sickness, while Dev's hopes of reuniting with Sunita take another blow when he finds her chatting to former lover Ciaran. Peter unexpectedly discharges himself from rehab, Jason struggles to comfort Tina, and the police plan to question Rick.

Steve finds Becky drunk and desolate after her miscarriage and tries his best to comfort her. Lloyd encourages Dev not to give up on Sunita, while Leanne and Peter's reunion is tense as she doubts his sobriety and he fumes because Simon is with George.

Gary threatens to sue Catriona for the money she tricked him out of and invested into the salon, while Oisin faces a moral dilemma when he steals the takings from Keane's.

Whitney goes looking for Billie on his old council estate, leading to a terrifying encounter with two of his acquaintances. Meanwhile, Liz makes a worrying discovery about Owen, Lucy reveals her secret to Jane after storming out of Ian's birthday dinner, and Zainab continues to doubt Masood's honesty.

Billie returns to his old estate to confront his former friends about attacking Whitney, Masood resolves to discover who is responsible for the undelivered post, and Lucas has to think fast to stop Liz going to the police. Meanwhile, Billy's love life takes a turn for the better when Carol agrees to go on a date with him.

Faye tries to talk Nathan round after he starts packing her and Ryan's belongings, and Charity is shocked when Noah tells her he saw Cain at the scene of the heist before Carl arrived.

Elsewhere, Priya decides to quit at the factory after becoming tired of working with her brothers and bored with life in the country.

Natasha returns and is furious to find Nathan showing someone around the estate, while Charity tells Debbie about Cain's part in the heist after she asks about the strained atmosphere.

Laurel is pleasantly surprised when Ashley arrives at the factory to walk her home and give her a bunch of flowers. Olena confesses to Eli that she does not share Sam's feelings.

The Find Holly campaign steps up a gear with a TV reconstruction, but despite Tony's efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery, Cindy still believes he had something to do with her daughter's disappearance.

Elliot allows Jake to take care of Charlie while he revises, and Darren returns to his flat to find a surprise waiting for him.

Darren rushes to tell Cindy where Holly has been hiding, but when he returns, the girl has vanished again.

Meanwhile, Jacqui panics when she realises she and Des have been together for six months, and at the Loft, Charlotte takes revenge on Archie by flirting with his date for the evening.