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Peter's back to boozing

A smug Louie revels in goading his staff after the coup, and Bob's efforts to rally his colleagues against their boss end in disaster. Meanwhile, Deegan warns Ian that his garda supervisor is close to identifying him as the Northside Post informant, and Sarah tries to repair her friendship with Keith.

Bob tells Christy and Carol the reasons why he tried to con Louie, and Niamh asks Sean to spend more time with Rachel.

Elsewhere, Keith confesses to Sarah he wants to be friends again with her, while Dermot tells Kylie that the accounts at the community centre are looking bad and that she should pursue their creditors.

Leanne's refusal to forgive Peter for his drunken antics prompts him to seek solace in drink once more, leading to a frantic search of Weatherfield's pubs for his girlfriend and family. Gail travels to the Lake District with Joe, unaware of her husband's plan, and Tina expresses her fears to David when Rick calls at the house.

Gail tries to talk Joe out of his scheme to fake his death, but he sets sail in the darkness regardless. Peter turns up drunk at George and Eve's, demanding to see Simon, but while his family tries to think of ways to help, Ciaran encourages him to have a few more beers.

Mack tracks Adelaide down to Brenda's apartment but she informs him that the baby is not his, and Johnny continues with his charm offensive to win Brid over.

Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) returns to the Square to give Bianca a hen night to remember. Meanwhile, Max and Jack put pressure on Bradley to explain what happened on Christmas Day, leading to a revelation, and Shirley returns home to find her niece Zsa Zsa waiting on her doorstep.

Ronnie has a run-in with DCI Marsden as the locals gossip about an arrest they believe the police are about to make.

Natasha is surprised by Ryan's eagerness to learn more about Mark, while Chas hatches a plan to bring Carl and the children together. Elsewhere, Zak and Lisa survey the ruins of Wishing Well, both knowing that the house is not insured and will cost them a fortune to repair.

Carl's patience with his children wears thin when he discovers Anya ruined Scarlett's bag and lied about it. His anger scares the youngsters and he is stunned when Thomas exclaims they hate him.

Maisie reacts badly after Natasha asks Diane to tell her she should take some time off, and Olena uses work as an excuse to avoid Sam.

Jamie explains to Hannah his urgent desire to leave the village, and when she reveals she plans to accompany him, the Ashworths throw an impromptu farewell party.

Mercedes is furious after witnessing how cosy Calvin and Carmel are together, and Lauren is beside herself when it appears her family is about to discover her blossoming relationship with Gaz.

Rhys makes a final attempt to stop Hannah leaving with Jamie, and an embittered Darren reveals their whereabouts to Blue -- little realising the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, Tony and Cindy consider sending Holly to boarding school, and after learning about his kiss with Cheryl, Carmel demands that Calvin admits to any other indiscretions.