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Pamela Flood makes TV return with motherhood show, eight years on from Off the Rails


Pamela Flood

Pamela Flood

Pamela Flood

Former model Pamela Flood is set to make her TV return with a new series on motherhood – eight years after leaving Off The Rails.

The presenter (44), who is pregnant with her third child, will front a new show for TV3 called Geriatric Mothers, which is about mothers over the age of 35.

Pamela, who is mum to Harrison (4) and Elsie (2), came under fire recently for comments she made about being an older mother and she told the Herald the controversy propelled her back into the public eye.

The former Miss Ireland faced online backlash after she suggested women in their 30s want to have children quickly so they can “go back on the lash”.

“I suppose with everything that has gone on lately – both the flack and the nice comments about being an older mother – it has put me back out there, so when TV3 and production company were having a conversation about this show my name came up and they said yes,” Pamela said.

Her new series, which will air next year, will be her first presenting gig since Off The Rails.

“I haven’t been contracted with RTE for nearly eight years and anything I’ve done in the past couple of years as regard TV appearances has been with TV3,” the celebrity mum said.

After stepping away from broadcasting in the past few years to focus on being a mother, Pamela admitted she’s delighted to be back working in TV.


“I’m absolutely over the moon about it. I always said I would go back to TV – it’s my first love job-wise but I wouldn’t go back to it just for the sake of having a gig on telly,” she said.

“It would have to be something that really works for me and obviously this is a topic close to my heart. I think there’s a lot in it. We’re going to look at both sides – the pros and the cons. It’s not all ‘hooray for older mums’, it’ll be balanced.”

While she still has a passion for fashion, Pamela added that her new gig is a better fit with her lifestyle, as clothes are far from her focus now she is a mother.

“I loved [Off The Rails] and it suited me to a tee at the time. I was single, working away and had a nice disposable income so clothes would’ve played a much bigger role in my life back then compared to now,” the 44-year-old explained.

“I still like clothes but they’ve come way down the list of priorities.”