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Our telly appetite gets bigger and bigger

People are buying bigger televisions and watching them more, a new survey shows.

Researchers who questioned more than 2,000 adults also found they watched on average an hour a day more television than they think they do.

Viewing figures showed most people watched more than 30 hours of television a week, but the survey found that when people were asked to say how much TV they watched, the majority said it was less than 20 hours.

Figures also showed television sets are getting bigger as well, with sales of 40 inches or larger on the increase.

Iain Logie Baird, grandson of the inventor of the first television set John Logie Baird, said: "There is no question television is playing a more central role in our lives than ever."

The report also shows 72pc of us eat at least one meal a day while watching television.