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Our Damian reveals his Glee as 30m watch his hit show debut

More than 30 million US viewers watched as Irishman Damian McGinty made his long-awaited debut on hit musical show Glee last night.

The 19-year-old kick started his seven-episode run on Fox's series last night, alongside Lea Michele and Cory Monteith.

Damian, who beat more than 40,000 hopefuls to the role, plays Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan and burst onto the small screen in yesterday's Pot O' Gold episode, the fourth instalment of the current season.

The Derry native, who is currently living the celebrity lifestyle in Los Angeles, is sure to win the hearts of millions of diehard 'Gleeks' with his Irish charm and soft Northern accent.

Damian's character Rory is living with ditzy cheerleader Brittany -- played by Heather Morris -- and donned a leprechaun-esque green outfit for his official debut.

The newbie of the Glee club also sported an Elvis-style quiff as he began his first day at fictional Ohio secondary school, McKinley High.

Audiences saw the performer, who first garnered success with successful group Celtic Thunder, be introduced to the musical underdogs and Damian's character is set to get on the nerves of his fellow members, especially Santana who becomes jealous of the newcomer.

"Brittany believes that Rory is her own personal leprechaun that only she can see.

"Santana doesn't like Rory because he also has a thing for Brittany," Damian has said.

"He does a falsetto in his first song and Kurt did not like that because Kurt is the soprano of the group and doesn't want that taken from him."

Damian's new colleagues have expressed their full support for the talented actor.

Lead female Lea Michele (25) gushed about McGinty on three separate occasions.

"It's been so much fun working with our Glee Project winners ... Damian was so sweet," said the petite brunette last month, who plays Rachel on the show.

"Great day of work today -- got to meet the lovely Damian McGinty. He may be one of the sweetest people ever. So happy to have him in our family!" she added on her social network site a few days later.

Co-stars Diana Argon (25) has dubbed the handsome teen Damian a "cutie", while 29-year-old Harry Shum Jr said he was "excited for the future" with the Irish native on board.