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Our answer to The Office takes to screen as Gaeilge

Ireland's answer to hit comedy The Office will follow "moron" employees in a fictional civil service department - likened to a lunatic asylum.

New TG4 comedy series, An Crisis, centres on the Irish language department, An Chomhairle Teanga (ACT), which is facing massive government cutbacks, with staff desperately try to justify their continued existence.

Apres Match's Risteard Cooper plays the role of Setanta De Paor, the centre director and champion of the Irish language who is struggling with an apathetic workforce.


The organisation comes under serious media scrutiny over some very questionable projects that have been previously sanctioned.

And the director Setanta faces further opposition when a former school foe of his is appointed as a new minister.

The minister is determined to make life difficult for ACT as he proposes wide ranging cost cuts.

Throughout the six-part series, scandals arise from ACT's proposal for an unusual method to increase the ratio of Irish speakers, trips abroad of dubious benefit and a strange choice in film-funding.

A TG4 spokesperson said that the staff at the fictional government office are branded as akin to a "lunatic asylum, a bunch of morons or just plain bonkers, depending on the day of the week".

"Setanta is the guardian of the Irish language but this civil servant is about to become lost in translation with a savagely tightened public purse and his only hope is a parrot called Mairtin O Cadhain," they added.

Recovering Riverdancer Aoife takes on the job of her dreams as a receptionist with ACT, while Setanta's colleague Muiris has been working on his crosswords in the office for the best part of 20 years and has no intention of changing his ways. Other difficulties arise with the arrival of parrot Mairtin O Cadhain, whose party piece is allegedly the ability to recite Crena Cille Irish, financing trips abroad for sean-nos singers and sponsoring supposedly clean cut sporting stars as role models.

And Setanta tries in vain to resist the blunt charms of the minister's hit-woman Caoimhe, played by Kate Nic Chonaonaigh.

The series was written by Antoine O Flatharta and will be broadcast on TG4 at 10.30pm on Wednesdays from April 7.