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Operation Transformation follow-up a huge hit

The follow-up series to Operation Transformation -- which follows weight-loss contestants after they have left the show -- is proving a massive hit with viewers.

The first catch-up season of RTE's popular diet show -- Operation Transformation: Six Months And Counting -- started this month and is so popular it may now become a permanent fixture.

The series allows fans of the show to see if their favourite leader of the year is still shedding the weight once cameras have been turned off.

RTE said it would "certainly consider doing follow-up episodes with the leaders for future series of Operation Transformation".

In the last episode of the spin-off series, this year's most popular leader, Dublin mum Rachel Walker, pictured below, admitted she had slipped back into her old eating habits.

The 37-year-old Tallaght native said she found it difficult to maintain her new regime as she started working again.

After the first show, Rachel was offered a job by fellow leader Sinead Heffernan as a manager in one of her bakeries. Her husband Karl took on the role of looking after the children.


Rachel said that although she enjoys being back at work, there are downsides to such a busy lifestyle and she doesn't have time to exercise the way she used to.

Sinead (37) has lost half a stone since the final weigh-in and is down from her original 15st 6lbs to 13st 6lbs.