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Oh dear, our MOD's only gone and upset Limerick

HE'S KNOWN for his strong opinions but our columnist Michael O'Doherty has (apparently) managed to upset Limerick city.

While most Limerick people will have got Michael's humour, a lawyer has called for a boycott of TV3 over MOD's joke remarks.

Barrister Brendan Nix (59) claims Celebrity Come Dine With Me left him "incandescent with rage".

Herald columnist and VIP publisher, Michael O'Doherty (inset) joked that a request from Limerick model, Madeline Mulqueen for ketchup for her lobster was "the grossest thing I've seen since the last time I was in Limerick".

When serving Ms Mulqueen a duck dinner, MOD said he was confident with this choice as "I think duck has reached Limerick".

MOD has apologised to anyone who found the remarks offensive.

He even said he wouldn't take offence at Mr Nix's claim that he "was a bit of a twit at the time".

"It was said in jest and I think most people would recognise the humour but if Mr Nix is upset of course I apologise," said Michael.

It didn't assauage Mr Nix. He wants "a total boycott of TV3 by all advertisers until they apologise".

"In the event that they (advertisers) don't, we should boycott them -- every single one of them.

"There is only one language TV3 understand and that is in their pocket," he said.

"Everyone wants to kick Limerick and I have had enough.

"This is a great little city. I'm not saying it is the best in the world but people here don't deserve this," Mr Nix said.

Maureen Catterson of TV3 said their chief executive has not received any contact from Mr Nix.

She said Celebrity Come Dine With Me is a "tongue in cheek show that should not be taken so seriously".