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THIS is one Carrigstown storyline that won't end well.

Carol's marrying Christy -- but shares a sneaky clinch with heartbroken lover Louie the night before she's due to exchange vows.

And to make matters worse, the secretive pair are caught by Carol's husband-to-be -- who doesn't let on.

The heartbreak on Fair City shows no sign of ending as Carol is determined to do the "right thing" and marry Christy.

But two people are aware of the true situation in tonight's 7.30pm episode on RTE One - troublemakers Yvonne Doyle and Bob Charles.

Yvonne presses Carol about her wedding -- and Carol assures her she's not nervous. However, Louie tells Yvonne that Carol could yet change her mind.

Christy has his stag party in McCoy's and gives his party an impassioned speech about his love for Carol. Yvonne urges Louie to take some time out from the pub and he heads to the park, where he shares a moment of silent intimacy with Carol.

She then begins to cry and he takes her in his arms to console her. They are oblivious as Christy observes their passion for one another. Louie kisses Carol goodbye and she leaves to marry Christy.