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Now Bridget's a 'new Subo' with her disco dancing hit

An Irish woman has shot to fame on Sky One's entertainment show Got To Dance -- after her audition attracted nearly 15,000 hits on YouTube.

Bridget (34) from Westport, Co Mayo, a self-taught dancer who goes by the stage name 'Happiness', was first up to face the judges on last night's show.

She performed her "freestyle disco" routine to '90s pop hit I'm A Scatman and surprised the judges with her wacky and spontaneous style.

Happiness told presenter Davina McCall before her performance that her family did not know she was auditioning for the show even though she is passionate about dancing.

She said: "Whenever I hear music, all I want to do is move. It's simple -- it's like the soul wants to express itself and I just let it go, go with the flow."

"People express themselves through song, poetry; I do it through dance; it's where I feel most alive. My full potential is coming to the fore. It's like you're being true to your inner self, and it just makes you happy."

Sunday night's show in front of the judges was her first public appearance as a dancer, and she told Davina before her performance that she would bring "an energy from the soul" in her performance.

She was seen stretching and focusing intensely before her performance at the audition stages.

She explained: "It's important for me to relax just before I go onstage, just to calm everything so I can really let the music soak into my system, and then when I'm ready to dance, it'll just explode.

"Getting three gold stars today would take me to new heights. I love dancing. It's my zen."

The 34-year-old woman has been dubbed the next Susan Boyle, having earned herself a place on the show among other young hopefuls.

Performing to I'm A Scatman, she broke into an energetic routine in which she fell on her back and wiggled her hips and arms, earning smiling reactions from the judges.

Davina looked on and joked that she dances a bit like her husband, Matthew. And the host has also dubbed Mayo-woman Happiness's routine as "weird but amazing".

"Happiness is different because she doesn't do any kind of structured dancing. You can't describe what she is. You've got to watch it," she said.