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Norah Casey training to climb Kilimanjaro for documentary


Norah Casey

Norah Casey

Norah Casey

She's achieved great heights in the worlds of business and broadcasting and now Norah Casey is set to conquer one of the world's highest peaks - Mount Kilimanjaro.

The ex-Dragon's Den star (right) has swapped her stilettos for hiking boots to train for the gruelling climb with Irish explorer Pat Falvey, which will be filmed for a documentary.

"I was supposed to climb last week but because our new RTE series [The Million Euro Start-Up] is in post-production I was too busy, so now we're hoping to do it in November. I have to climb a 'peak a week' before then, even if it is a small one," Norah told the Diary. "I've already done Carrauntuohill."

Along with mountaineering, the entrepreneur also runs three times a week to keep as fit as possible.

"I'm a big believer in cardiac exercise. A lot of women my age are addicted to yoga, which I also love, but it's just not enough," she said at the launch of the Irish Heart Foundation's Red Alert campaign.

"Your heart needs a workout everyday."