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No return to daytime TV -- Blathnaid

BLATHNAID Ni Chofaigh has revealed she has no intention of returning to daytime television.

The flame-haired RTE star said she simply did not miss presenting day in, day out after leaving the Afternoon Show.

In an interview with this week's VIP Magazine, the 39-year-old mum-of-four admitted that she did not need to be on TV every day to boost her profile.

"No, I wouldn't go back," she said. "I don't miss it. Put it this way: I'm a better broadcaster today than I was a year ago.

"It has made no difference to my profile, or for the levels of respect for me, that I'm not on the television every day."


She has faced a serious health scare and bullying allegations, but has taken the last 12 months in her stride.

"Being bitten by the press -- three months of it only, mind you -- could make you paranoid, but I'm fine now. The more time I have to myself, the better I feel. I know who I am, that I am a professional, as does RTE, and that's what matters.

"Of course, I don't like it if there is a bad headline about me. The first people I think of are my employers, and then me. I don't want to let people down."

Although the TV star prides herself on being strong-willed, she admits she is struggling with the loss of her father, who died two years ago.

"I have found the grieving process a cruel one. The other morning I was in the kitchen, just tidying up a few bits and pieces, and the tears came. From nowhere, and they stayed for an hour.


"Grief has no time schedule, no alarm clock. There's a hole in my heart that will never be mended. Daddy had been sick for a while, but I never understand it when people say that someone's death should be a 'relief'. There's no relief in there being an empty seat at the table. None.

"The grief isn't going away, but myself and my siblings are coming to a place now where we can celebrate my father's life."

And as she battles her own health difficulties after undergoing a bowel operation, she has come to terms with treating her condition properly, saying her condition is one she has to "manage".

The star has frequently spoken about her delight at being a judge for the All Ireland Talent Show, and said that Na Fianna will be the next big thing thanks to their high levels of ambition.

Read the full interview with Blathnaid in this week's VIP Magazine, available in shops now