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No one will like me in Red Rock, says Fair City's Una


Sandra Curran as nasty Maeve in Red Rock

Sandra Curran as nasty Maeve in Red Rock

Sandra Curran in Fair City

Sandra Curran in Fair City


Sandra Curran as nasty Maeve in Red Rock

ACTOR Sandra Curran has revealed she's delighted to return to the screen after taking a break to focus on motherhood and is loving her new role as a soap villain.

The mum of two, who played Una Norris in Fair City, is set to make her debut on tonight's episode of Red Rock.

The Dubliner said her new character, Maeve Wilson, is nothing like Una and will be causing a major stir in the TV3 show.

"Maeve wouldn't be the nicest neighbour in the world. She can cause a bit of trouble to say the least - I particularly wouldn't like to live beside her," she told the Herald.

"She's one of these people that you see sitting on a bus that you make eye contact with and then you look at the ground - one of those people that no one really likes to engage with.

"When you think of Una, Maeve is her complete opposite. I think a lot of people won't even recognise me playing Una."

Curran admitted that while she loved taking on the challenging role, it was difficult at times to get into character.

"Even as an actor it's hard to be not nice to people," she said. "I had one scene on the show with an elderly man and I just had to keep apologising.


"It's difficult being nasty, because Una would've never been like that. Most people would've liked Una but no one is going to like Maeve.

"It's great, though - you don't want to go from one show into playing the same character in another. There's no real challenge in that."

Since leaving Fair City in 2009, the Chapelizod native has had roles in The Republic of Telly and short films but is now hoping to branch out into theatre and movies.

"The kids are at a certain age now where they wouldn't be as needy all day so it's really a nice little break," she said. "I've loved being at home with them for that time, but it's also kind of nice to get back to it.

"I'd love to do a big movie, I guess, and I would eventually love to get into theatre. I would have stayed away from it before because I didn't want to be away from the kids every night, but now I'm definitely more open to different things."

Red Rock airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm on TV3.