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No more frontiers

NO Frontiers is the latest programme to be hit by RTE bosses in the most recent shake-up at the station.

It has been revealed that the hit travel show, hosted by Kathryn Thomas (30), will not be returning to our screens this year after a highly successful 13-year run.

The popular programme which sees a camera crew following the TV star to various different exotic locations around the world was deemed too costly to continue running -- and will be replaced by a home-grown show.

"I can confirm that No Frontiers will not be returning to screens next year," a spokesperson said.

"It will be replaced by new home-produced programming."

The globetrotting show has been shrouded by rumours of cancellation in recent years, and Kathryn said last month that she tried not to worry about the programme's fate.

"I used to worry about it a lot but it's something that I grew to live with. For the past nine years or so, it's been the same thing and it doesn't worry me anymore. You have to be optimistic about things.

"I have never been someone who plans far ahead in the future, I have always taken things as they come. It just depends on what the audience wants and what needs to be shaken up. But often it's a case of 'if it's not broke, don't fix it'."

However, the Carlow native won't be left jobless -- she still hosts the hugely popular Winning Streak alongside screen legend Marty Whelan.

"We finish up Winning Streak on May 31 and that's finished until September -- but nobody is told for definite what's happening or whether we will be back," she said recently.

"It's the same situation with No Frontiers and it's the same thing every year.

"It's always a waiting game as you watch what changes are going to be made for the next season."

When news hit that the show had been scrapped, the TV star admitted she hadn't been told yet.

"It used to bother me a lot, worrying about whether it would come back," she said yesterday.

"But I'm too long in the tooth for that now. Thank God, I'm busy at the moment. I'm employed and I'm very thankful for that."

An insider explained: "The show has been a huge success but it has been on air for a long time. Bosses in RTE felt the time was right to move on and give viewers something a bit different.

"It probably didn't help that it was a very costly series to make. There had been rumours the show would end for a long time."