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RTE's hard-hitting gangland drama Love/Hate took a lethal twist in the penultimate episode last night.

Drug-dealing gang leader John Boy went out with a bang after he realised too late about a fatal double-cross.

Viewers see the wealthy head of the gang spiral into a haze of distrust and paranoia as he installs CCTV cameras to watch every move at his penthouse apartment.

Cocaine addict John Boy, played by The Wire actor Aidan Gillen, admits that he is "haunted" and trusts very few in his life. But it is when he discovers his troubled girlfriend Debbie taking heroin that he leaps into action.

In a brutal scene he drags Debbie by her hair on to the penthouse balcony and threatens to throw her off the roof.

"You have five minutes to get out of here or you're leaving in a box," he shouts at her.

He then puts a hit out on her heroin dealer Aido and gives the orders to two of his most loyal subjects.

But Nidge and Darren have other ideas.

Darren, played by Robert Sheehan, desperately wants to leave the seedy life of gangland crime in Dublin.

He has plans for a future with his girlfriend Rosie and begins to crave normality.

"I'm getting out of it. Once I've paid what I owe," he said. "I want kids, marriage."

And unbeknownst to viewers, Nidge has designs on the drug-dealing empire.

John Boy calls Nidge and Darren to his penthouse to give the orders.


"Do this one thing, you're off the hook and you get paid," he tells Darren.

"You'll have enough to bring your mot anywhere you want."

And he reveals to the young Dubliner he is his closest ally.

"The other ones are like greedy rats. "It turns out you're the only one I can trust. I know you can do it."

Few expected the last-minute double cross in a crowded Dublin pub, reminiscent of the high profile murder of The Don, Eamon Dunne.