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Nidge closes in on Fran after cops quiz him over murder of dentist


Nidge in the new series

Nidge in the new series

Nidge in the new series

With just four days to go until Love/Hate is back on our screens, Fran is a wanted man as both gardai and Nidge close in on him following the murder of dentist Andrew at the end of last season.

RTE have released a tense teaser clip showing that Nidge is prepared to hurt Fran in order to find out the truth about what happened to dentist Andrew.

Nidge emerges from the shadows and hands a baseball bat to Micha who then stands beside a visibly nervous Fran, who opens the conversation with, "What's the story Nidge?"

However, Nidge is in no mood for small talk as he ignores Fran and addresses Micha, saying: "Micha, I'm gonna talk to Fran now and if he lies I want you to give him a belt of that, yeah?"

Fran replies: "Nidge, what the f*** is this about?" and Nidge says: "The dentist."

And in another teaser clip we see Fran being questioned by the guards over the murder of Andrew (left) - who got caught up in the gang's drama last season.

The cast have been tight-lipped on any plot leaks in the run up to series five. And Peter Coonan, who plays Fran, admits that it can be hard not to spill the beans even when it comes to his partner Kim.

"People know at this point I am not going to tell them anything," he said.

"I don't tell my family or Kim or anyone what's happening. I sometimes get Kim to read lines with me but I tell her not to read anything apart from what's in front of her."

The new series of Love/Hate sees Nidge broaden his horizons to Spain as he makes an effort to start afresh.

Tom Vaughan Lawlor - who plays Nidge - has given a small insight into what's in store for his character.

"This year there's a reawakening and rebirth in Nidge and he's kick-started into the Spain thing with the renewed appetite for dining at the top table of European drug dealing," he said.

- Elaine McChaill