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New TV reality show drives Nell and Lisa crazy

It's the new reality TV series tipped to hit Irish ratings gold in the new year.

Model Lisa Murphy will be forming an unlikely team with Nell McCafferty (66) for the new TV3 programme, Driving Me Crazy.

The series is billed as a celebrity reality show with a twist -- instead of being locked in a house, Big Brother style, the Irish celebrities are stuck in a car together.

Each week two celebs, who might not exactly get along with each other, will go on a journey across Ireland during which viewers will discover that most cars just aren't big enough for two big personalities. The first episode is on Wednesday, January 12, at 8.30pm and will see sparks fly between Nell and Lisa (37) when they get lost in a struggle to find their way from Dublin to Eyre Square in Galway without using the motorway. But, speaking to the Herald, Lisa revealed that she couldn't have had more fun filming the episode.

"It was completely crazy, but we had so much fun. I only found out on the day that I would be driving to Galway with Nell.

"We couldn't be more opposite, but we got on really well. She is a fighter and I'm a lover but it was a fantastic experience."

The bubbly beauty said that she and acclaimed writer Nell bonded, despite numerous rows on their way West.


"We did have a few disagreements, but I laughed the whole way down. Nell is absolutely hilarious.

"The series is to raise money for our chosen charity. Nell made an outrageous suggestion that she was donating hers to a euthanasia charity, but she was only joking.

"We had to take a very obscure route through a lot of small towns. At one point we had a bit of an incident with a tractor and Nell went totally mad, calling him every name under the sun -- so I'm sure there will be quite a few beeps there.

"I was meant to drive for the first half and then after lunch she was supposed to take over, but she asked me if I would drive the whole way so she could have a glass of wine at lunch.

"I didn't mind at all but we did get lost -- Nell was so funny, she just wanted to forget the whole journey and go to Cork instead."