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New judge Walliams is 'too smutty' for BGT

DAVID Walliams was brought in to spice up Britain's Got Talent -- but now bosses are worried he's too risque.

The show's producers are worried that the comic is bringing too much smut factor to the family programme.

Walliams was heard making a string of sex jokes and innuendos during the first auditions which will be edited out so that the show can air before the watershed.

Despite Walliams' antics, pop mogul Simon Cowell (52) is said to be pleased with the chemistry of the new panel which includes Amanda Holden (40), Alesha Dixon (33) and Cowell himself.

"A lot of Walliams' comments need editing out," a well-informed source said.

"It certainly can't go on for the rest of filming. It's a learning curve. He was very funny but we need him to be more family-friendly.

"David was badly behaved yesterday," Simon said on Saturday. After a gay dance duo, the Sugar Dandies, performed a ballroom dance with lifts to Westlife's You Raise Me Up, David asked Simon: "But did it raise you up?".

He then added: "You would be the lifter. You understand what I mean."

Hosts Ant and Dec were not spared by Walliams' quirky humour either. The Little Britain star flirted with the comic pair and even patted Dec's bum. While the jokes were meant to be good natured, they are unlikely to make the cut in the editing room as producers deem them to be too risqué to be aired around 7pm.

"Bosses are likely to have a word because too many sexual references would cause a problem for ITV," an insider revealed.

Walliams, who is married to model Lara Stone, also made a reference to a sex toy.

He then turned to Cowell and said: "You're going to have to edit so much of this out."