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'My boyfriend gets made fun of after appearing on Connected', says Nicole


nicole mcquillan

nicole mcquillan

nicole mcquillan

Star of RTE2's new reality show Connected, Nicole McQuillan may be one of the main characters on the TV show, but it is her boyfriend who is receiving some unwanted attention.

Nicole revealed her partner, Noel, has been teased after intimate details of their life together aired on the show.

"We're both recognised a bit more now that the show has aired," Nicole told the Diary.

"People come up to me all the time saying that I look like the girl from the telly and Noel's mates make fun of him as well.

"They often say things to him like 'Your girlfriend made you steak and chips for dinner and you didn't even go home' but he takes it all in his stride," she admits.

Connected is a new style of reality show. It centres around the lives of six girls who filmed their daily lives on a small camera for six months. "It was a bit strange at first and it took a while to get used to the hand-held camera," Nicole says.

"Sometimes I would find it strange that I'd wake up and turn on the camera and start chatting away but after a few days it became routine."

The 21-year-old model also admits that it can be hard watching the footage and the new episodes.

"Luckily, all the girls were able to contribute and give our ideas when they were editing our footage.

"That made me a lot more comfortable but at the same time, I do cringe when I watch the show.

"Sometimes I can't believe I went on camera without make-up on or said certain things but it's all part of it," she says.

Filming The Baldoyle native also admits that it was hard having to bring the camera everywhere with her for six months.

"It was really hard at times, because we had to bring the camera everywhere with us. I even brought it on holiday to Ibiza with my mam.

"People would always be wondering what I was doing carrying around this small hand-held camera

"There were times when it was really frustrating as well because I'd film loads of footage on a great night out and wouldn't be able to use it because of issues with permission," she reveals.

Despite their relationship appearing on screen, Nicole and Noel are as strong as ever.

"Noel is really shy. It took a bit of persuading to get him to appear on the show."