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Mrs Brown lined up for third series on BBC


Brendan O'Carroll's massively successful comedy Mrs Brown's Boys is likely to be signed up for a third series with the BBC.

Love it or loathe it, the show which follows Irish mammy Agnes Brown and her brood is continuing to prove a huge hit with audiences both here and in Britain.

And talks are now underway with the BBC for a third series.

While filming on the second series is currently taking place in Glasgow and the show will not air until next year, O'Carroll and his crew now look confident of pinning down series number three.

Brendan has proved so popular at the BBC that he is also set to be included in their Christmas promo advert. A Christmas special of Mrs Brown's Boys will also air both here and in the UK.

The show is such a draw with audiences that it is now also set to go global. Mrs Brown's Boys is set to be aired in New Zealand and Australia later this year.

O'Carroll also recently sealed a deal with Romanian television for the rights to make their own version of Mrs Brown's Boys.

Negotiations with a Slovakian channel for a similar deal are ongoing.

And while the star is keeping mum about talks for a further series, he revealed that finding the material for a new series would be easy.

"The series is based on the plays but with 470 episodes of the radio show, four novels and five plays there's plenty of material there to be playing with," he said.

Since it first aired on television screens earlier this year, the show has won over millions of fans and gained a BAFTA nomination.

A staggering 3.1 million people tuned in to watch the last episode of series one when it aired on the BBC earlier this year. A big hit on RTE, the average viewership figures were 751,000 viewers.