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Mr Ireland Karl gets role on Red Rock


Karl Bowe in Red Rock

Karl Bowe in Red Rock

Karl Bowe

Karl Bowe


Karl Bowe in Red Rock

HE MAY not have found love on the UK version of Take Me Out, but Mr Ireland Karl Bowe is set to grace the small screen again when he appears in TV3's Red Rock.

Karl, from Crumlin, is set to play estate agent Shane O'Connor in an explosive episode of the channel's new soap.

"I've worked on a few TV shows before and to work on Red Rock with such talented actors was incredible," he told the Herald. "It was a lot of fun to film."

In tomorrow evening's episode, gardai Sharon and Paudge encounter trouble in a flats complex.

There's a dispute between tenants, but rather than fix the mess, Karl ends up in the argument and things become dangerous.

Karl (25) has cut his teeth with a walk on part in Penny Dreadful alongside Josh Hartnett and on RTE's The Centre with Jennifer Maguire.

"I want to break into movies, but I'm happy to start with short films here. I'd like to work between home and the UK in the near future," he said.

Karl, who appeared last weekend on Take Me Out, said his dad convinced him to do it.

"When the producers contacted me I wasn't sure so I rang my dad and he said it was a great opportunity," he said.

Karl got a date with London girl Rachel Simmons (25), but romance didn't blossom.

"She's a gorgeous girl and we got on great. She's definitely the type of girl I'd go for," he said.

Karl is set to further his acting career as he is in talks to star in a TV show on TG4 about an Italian gang.