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Moone Boy star Peter McDonald to star in prison drama


Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald

THE dad from hit series Moone Boy, actor Peter McDonald, is to star in a new prison-based drama called No Offence.

Set in Manchester, the drama has been written by Bafta-winning screenwriter Paul Abbott who previously wrote cult series Shameless.

"The writing is really strong," said McDonald (43). "We filmed it last summer, so I'm looking forward to watching it."

The series also stars Irish actress Elaine Cassidy who appeared in The Others with Nicole Kidman and Joanna Scanlon from The Thick of It.

Speaking about No Offence, Abbott said its "cake mix is as bipolar as it gets - it lurches from jet black laugh-out-loud to fragile material on the turn of a sixpence".

Dubliner McDonald is also lining up some more film work following the success of Irish comedy The Stag, starring Hugh O'Conor and Amy Huberman.


He's also getting ready for the third season of Moone Boy.

Like the rest of the cast, McDonald would relish turning the series into a film.

"A big-screen leap would be a lot of fun," he said. "I think we'd all be well up for that. But it's all business - decisions made behind closed doors - and we'll just have to wait and see."

In the upcoming series, Liam Moone is taken aback when one of his former flames, Sharon Morgan - played by Sharon Horgan - waltzes back into his life.

Her reappearance causes tension between Liam and his wife Debra (Deirdre O'Kane).

"She's not only beautiful, she's so completely, wonderfully hilarious. What's not to fall in love with?" said McDonald.