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Money talks...

Secret Millionaire

RTE 1, 9.35pm New three-parter where a multimillionaire gets a massive reality check by going underground in some of the most deprived areas in Ireland.

John Concannon (below), who made his fortune in plastics, spends eight days in one of the most deprived parts of Dublin. Which causes will he think are deserving of his money?


Dragons' Den

BBC2, 9pm Two get-up-and-go types think they've got the secret to boost sluggish house sales currently dogging the British property market.

Also entering the dragons' lair is a husband and wife duo convinced they've created the must-have product that every woman will want.

And two young hipsters try to strike the right note and get their record label off the ground.


Doc Martin

UTV, 9pm Louisa is in two minds as to whether moving in with Martin is a good idea. She eventually decides to give it a go but is reluctant to relocate to London.

Meanwhile at Aunt Joan's funeral, Martin has a foot-in-mouth moment.


Embarrassing Bodies

Channel 4, 9pm Despite undergoing surgery in the past 'to become a woman', 65-year-old transsexual Jenny-Anne is having an identity crisis of sorts and still feels trapped in the wrong body.

There's also a five-year-old with a super-sized tongue and a 24-year-old with extra teeth, both in need of treatment.