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Model student Niamh reveals fond memories of her time at St Peter's

ST Peter's College may be the most famous school in the country right now, but it is no stranger to celebrity.

A number of well-known faces have attended the Dunboyne school, whose students and teachers now star in the hit RTE documentary The School.

Up-and-coming model Niamh Walsh, who has previously dated Olympic medallist boxer Ken Egan, spent six years there before moving to Dublin to pursue her modelling career.

The popular socialite has regularly updated her Facebook page referring to her days at the school, telling tales of her experiences.

The blonde beauty said: "I miss St Peter's. [It was the] best school ever."

Niamh shot to prominence after being crowned Miss Beauty with a Purpose at the Miss Ireland pageant in 2008, and was soon scooped up by Assets.

When the show first aired, Niamh wrote about how "funny" it was seeing her old school on RTE, saying: "Is it me or has [principal Eamon] Gaffney's office changed?"

In spite of her burgeoning modelling career, the nostalgic newcomer said that she would love to go back to the school.

"I want to go back for a day," she said. "What a school ... so much fun."

In addition to the model, Olympic boxer Darren Sutherland, who died last year, also attended the school when he returned as a mature student to take his Leaving Cert.

The principal praised his brave efforts to return to complete his education and spoke fondly of the fact that he was featured in the first episode of the show.

"He was not afraid to get back into the uniform and study," said Mr Gaffney. "He did very well in his Leaving Cert and went on to study in DCU."

He noted that it was particularly poignant that a visit by Darren was featured in the show.

"He was an amazing young man," he said. "The students were taking such an interest in the fact that he was working hard for what he wanted.

"He came when he was a professional boxer but also when he won the Olympic medal. He spoke for 30 minutes to the students and he was very inspiring."

Mr Gaffney also said that there is the possibility that the school will organise some sort of tribute in his memory.

The school, with almost 1,000 pupils, was founded in 1994 and can also count former Miss Ireland Sinead Noonan among its past pupils.

"We have both brawn and beauty," Mr Gaffney said. "There are a lot of talented people in the school."

The School airs tonight at 9.35pm on RTE One.