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Miriam's joy as RTE chiefs bring back chat show for longer run

FANS of presenter Miriam O'Callaghan are in for a treat.

The Prime Time presenter has confirmed that her popular Saturday night chat show will be coming back this summer.

And RTE chiefs are so impressed with her show that they have extended it by an extra few weeks.

"It is coming back and it will be for a longer run," she told the Herald. "I think they're going to run it from the beginning of June until around the end of August which is great. But it also means that I never stop working. But we're not going away this year anyway.

"We're thinking of going down to Brittas at some stage and renting a house down there by the sea. I have this good vibe it's going to be sunny in Ireland so we're all going to stay at home.

"Although I wouldn't call it a staycation as I hate that word."

And although she was nominated for a style award last night, the mum-of-eight opted to give the stylish ceremony a miss in favour of MC-ing a fundraiser for cancer.

In another busy week for the popular presenter, as well as fronting a Prime Time special on the Moriarty Tribunal, she was also in Tallaght library interviewing writer Roddy Doyle.

But the prolific Twitter fan, who has nearly 20,000 followers, has also been finding time to keep fans updated on all her latest activities with this week marking the fifth anniversary of the social networking site.

"I am a big tweeter, I do like it. I know people say that everyone who uses it is a Twit but it's incredibly informative," she continued. "I always say that if the first thing you do in the morning is check your Twitter, it's incredibly informative.

"You instantly find out everything that's happening in the world that matters, in terms of journalism."

Earlier this week she launched the Back To Breakfast Week, to highlight the importance of having a good breakfast.

And she revealed how she's constantly pestering her own brood to eat a proper breakfast.

"Many working people find it hard to make sure their children eat breakfast, but I confess I do nag and I do run after my kids to make sure that they eat breakfast."