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Michelle shocks Apprentice with Playboy secret

APPRENTICE hopeful Michelle Massey stuns her Jehovah's Witness family when she is forced to confront her Playboy past in tonight's shocking episode.

The final four contestants are interrogated by a panel of recruitment and media experts about their previous lives.

And Michelle (28) reveals her private family heartache in the interview stage of the competition.

In the semi-final of the competition Michelle is forced to disclose the real reason why she left home at such young age -- she walked out of her family home in England aged 15 when she clashed with her parents.


"My parents -- they're a certain religion that I don't agree with. They are Jehovah's Witness," she says.

"When you are a teenager you make decisions about religion. So I packed my bag and left."

Although her parents worried about her, Michelle says that she has no regrets. "They didn't have any choice, I left," she says. "For me it proved to me that I was really strong. It meant I had to get my head down and work and if anything it taught me how to do that."

At the age 19 she travelled to Ireland with just €300 in her pocket.

And in a shocking twist, Michelle is confronted about her past as a dancer in a nightclub. Media coach Gavin Duffy tells Michelle that he is tasked by Bill Cullen to find out everything that is in the contestants' past.

"There is nothing that I am aware of that would embarrass anyone," Michelle says.

"I was 17 when I was dancing in clubs -- but you'd be wearing hot pants and a top and fluffy boots," she reveals. "When I was 17 or 18 I was entered into a competition to be a presenter on TV for Playboy.

"Everything was completely innocent. I'd really feel that was unfair if it was held against me in the competition. The reason I've been trying hard in business is to not do things like that."

Meanwhile Will McCreevey (22) will say that neither of his parents are in employment and he is faced with a decision of providing for his family or going to college. Will tells inter-viewers that he was the breadwinner for his family as a teen after his father had to leave work after an accident with a horse.

"My dad has a problem with his leg -- when he was getting off a horse, the horse took off," he says.

"He was a waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel so he couldn't work. My mother had to take sick leave. There were no other males in my family -- I had to step up to the mark. I take pride in being able to do that for my family."


Panos Zametakis tells about when he was bullied about his sexuality.

Before Panos (33) travelled to Ireland, he had to complete military service in Greece.

"It was a duty to my country -- it was very tough," he reveals. "In the army it was the first time I had to confront people about my sexuality.

"I had to make sure that each of them respected me. I had issues with the first two weeks -- they did bully me, it was really tough. I didn't crack under pressure in the army.

"I had no safety net, I had to stand on my own two feet."