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McCririck's joy as BB fans give him the boot

Racing pundit John McCririck was evicted from the Big Brother house, having made no secret of his wish to be given the shove.

He was the first celebrity evictee in the current series after losing out in the public vote to rapper Coolio.

Last night's eviction came after winner of the main series Josie Gibson quit, moaning that she was "claustrophobic".

McCririck, who had been wandering around with a small banner saying "evict me please", was not upset at being kicked out.

He had told Davina McCall that he was only in it for the money.

After he was evicted from the house, two new Ultimate Big Brother housemates met McCall.

Michelle Bass and Victor Ebuwa, both from the 2004 series, entered the house by the back door to live in secret from the other housemates in the bedsit and watch their every move.

Josie, who began life in the latest series Ultimate Big Brother just hours after winning the series on Tuesday, walked out of a fire exit. After leaving the house she was filmed kissing former housemate and love interest John James.

Speaking to McCall afterwards, McCririck said he was delighted to be out of the house and was celebrating the success of his plan to "antagonise the housemates and be the first evictee".

But he railed against Big Brother for reneging on its deal to provide him with a daily newspaper in return for him giving compliments to his fellow housemates.

As the studio audience booed, he said: "I've been betrayed, they lied to me."

But he rejoiced in his unpopularity, saying: "I'm going down in history as the Ultimate Big Brother tosspot."