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McCoy's is set for a party

Jo covers for Dermot saying that he is sick and she is in charge of the community centre events for St Patrick's Day. Later Charlie rebukes Dermot for abandoning the community centre.

Robert still fails to pick up on Cleo's hint about sleeping together in the same bed. Dean advises Robert to talk to Cleo about her needs.

Zumo blackmails Kylie to hand over €200 from the community centre's petty cash. Dermot is shocked and annoyed when Kylie berates Tracey in front of Ben calling her a "filthy prostitute".

Louie approaches Carol and asks her to work in McCoy's on St Patrick's Day. He in turn persuades Christy to ask Carol to work wearing her mayoral chain.

Charlie's annoyed when the Bishop's outfit he chose for the St Patrick's Day parade turns out to be a leprechaun suit and the live snakes they ordered are constipated.

Molly gets the biggest shock of her life when Dev has Sunita take her to the medical centre after she starts feeling ill.

Tina loses her composure at Joe's funeral as her hostility toward Gail grows.

Nick's meeting with Carla at the factory prompts further gossip, and Norris is thrilled by Rita's return.

Peter learns the full extent of what was planned for Simon just as George arrives on his doorstep.

Tina leaves Gail to bury Joe alone as she gives the police evidence that leads to her stepmother's arrest at the wake in the Rovers.

Scheming Danny tries to persuade Roxy to buy the beauty salon Booty, but she soon finds herself competing against a rival bidder.

Lucas worries about his secret when Denise and Charlie take control of the garden makeover, and Carol's first day at the launderette goes badly.

Leah is unsure whether she should pursue her feelings for Elijah, while Aden starts to worry that Nicole is bored with their relationship.

Angelo is devastated to learn Charlie no longer wants to be friends, and Annie returns to Summer Bay for her school break.

Ashley and Laurel set off for an evening at the pub, oblivious to the fact that Sally has returned.

Cain confronts Andy after discovering he knew about Debbie's plan to leave, and Doug is shocked when Natasha reveals a customer has made a complaint against him.

After a day of causing mischief at the Loft, Lauren invites Gaz back to the Valentine family home, where they decide to finally consummate their relationship.

Meanwhile, Josh loses Gilly as an ally after revealing details of his past conquests to Jem, and Nancy discovers Des has an unusual nocturnal habit.