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Maxi to rise and shine after summer bug

RTE has moved to allay listeners' concerns about Maxi's absence from the airwaves.

The veteran broadcaster has been away from her early morning show for a few weeks, prompting speculation about her well-being.

A station source revealed she had been battling a nasty bug and also took time off for holiday leave -- which combined to see her off work for the past month.

"She had a bit of a stomach bug alright and has been off this week for that but it was nothing too serious. She has been off for a month but that time included annual leave," she said.

The good news for fans of the Risin' Time presenter is that the flame-haired personality is due back into the studio next Monday to resume her show.


2FM DJ Ruth Scott is filling in for her this week while Lorcan Murray and Shay Byrne took over the previous few weeks. Maxi, who presents the morning show from 5.30am until 7am Monday to Friday, is also due to take an additional two weeks' holidays towards the end of August. The star was said to have been deeply disappointed to have had to call in sick so soon after returning from her June holidays.

Last October, Maxi took a forced exile from the airwaves when she came down with a bad chest infection. Up until then the presenter had only once missed an early morning slot when she overslept three years ago. Maxi, who goes to bed at 7pm and has five alarm clocks to wake her, had to delay her show in 2007 after a bad night's sleep.