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Maura back on Four Live ... but it won't all be 'live'

Maura Derrane says she is relieved to be back for a second series of Four Live after RTE bosses revealed that the show would only be recorded live four days a week this season.

The Galway native told the Herald that, after a long summer break from the daily afternoon show, she is happy to be getting a second series, but admitted times were tough in the industry at the moment.

"It's great to be able to go back for a second season -- with the first season there is always a settling in period. Now it's going well but who knows, television is a volatile thing.


"I could be standing here in a different position this time next year, and I just accept that. But I don't live my life thinking about what's going to happen tomorrow."

Maura's programme replaced The Afternoon Show last year after low ratings and with the Daily Show with Daithi O Se and Claire Byrne on straight afterwards the format has appeared to be a success.

But the Herald has learned that the show will now only be recorded live four days a week instead of five. An RTE insider revealed that there was a last change of plans.

"RTE only recently decided to make the change and nobody really understands it.

"Last year the show was filmed in front of a live audience five days a week and it worked perfectly.

"But producers decided that although there will still be five shows a week, one of the programmes will be pre-recorded which will be strange for everyone involved."

An RTE official confirmed the news telling the Herald that the change was a cost-saving move.

"Four Live will be live four days a week and a pre-recorded episode will air on Fridays. This is a cost effective measure and is a more efficient production model," a spokesperson said.

The daily afternoon programme will be back on Monday, September 26.