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Marty and I are young at heart but we're no Ant and Dec, reveals Sinead Kennedy


Winning Streak presenters Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy

Winning Streak presenters Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy

Winning Streak presenters Marty Whelan and Sinead Kennedy

Ireland’s game show duo Sinead Kennedy and Marty Whelan are back on Winning Streak this weekend but insist they’re no Ant and Dec.

The pair have had a few months off as the show was moved to the summer slot to make way for the Million Euro Challenge.

“We look after each other and we enjoy each other’s company – it’s nice to be

going back on air with him,” Sinead said. 

“But we’re not like Ant and Dec, who grew up together from Byker Grove onwards. We didn’t have that but I think we have that young-at-heart thing going on,” added Marty.

The silver-haired duo are rearing to get back on air and give contestants a chance to spin the wheel.

“There is a new element to the show: another person may get to spin the wheel as well at the end of the show,” Marty revealed.

“I say this a lot and it does sound cheesy, but you are making dreams come true,” Sinead adds.

“You’re giving away so much money and people have very little to do to get it.”

During their downtime, Marty (58) has been busy with his radio show on Lyric FM and Sinead has been filming a new Reality Bites documentary about tattoos.

She already had two tattoos, a Hindu Ogham-style inscription on her wrist and a star on her foot and couldn’t resist getting another two while filming the show.

“I didn’t get a tattoo for the show because that sounds so naff,” Sinead said. “Why would you permanently put something on your body for a TV show?

“I was getting a tattoo done anyway, which is how the show came about.

“They filmed me getting one of them so it’ll all be revealed on the show.

“I got another one on my foot and I got one on my ribs. The show delves into tattoo culture in Ireland which has changed so much in the last decade,” she added.

While she loves getting inked, her husband Conor Kirwan isn’t a big fan.

“No, Conor wouldn’t be a mad fan,” Sinead said. “He doesn’t have one and he wouldn’t get one.”

While Marty isn’t a fan either, he reveals Maria, his wife of 30 years, “is thinking of getting a tattoo”.

Sinead (31) admits her social life will take a bit of a hit  this summer because of the schedule change.

“Because of the age I am and the time of year, all the weddings and christenings are happening,” she told TV Now. “So I’ll miss more than I would if we were on during the autumn.

“But that’s part of the gig, you go with the flow.”