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Making racing film 'got depressing' - reveals Cecelia's hubby David Keoghan


Ceceila Ahern and husband David Keoghan

Ceceila Ahern and husband David Keoghan

Ceceila Ahern and husband David Keoghan

TV producer David Keoghan has revealed he found recording his latest documentary "depressing".

The racehorse owner, who is married to best-selling author Cecelia Ahern, filmed upcoming RTE show The Long Shot about the racing industry.

David made the one-off production to track the progress of the thoroughbreds he bought after his horse Lolly for Dolly won big at Royal Ascot in 2011.

After spending €500,000 on his new horses, the filmmaker admitted it was difficult for him when they weren't racing well.

"I'd say exactly about a year-and-three-quarters into the documentary, some of the horses weren't performing," David said.

"There were times where it got pretty depressing, not to mention the actual cost of the documentary and paying to get a crew."


"It was a real challenge every time we made it to the racetrack. There were some dark moments, which feature in the documentary, which is probably why it's on at 9.30pm instead of 7pm."

She's a big part of his life, but David told RTE Ten that his famous wife Cecelia plays a small part in the documentary as she isn't a big racing fan.

The couple's young kids Robin (5) and Sonny (3) will also appear in the hard-hitting show.

"She didn't feature in it too much, she hadn't been to too many races," he said.

"She had been to Royal Ascot when Lolly for Dolly won because that was such a big event, but on the day-to-day racing of me going to Tipperary or Downpatrick, I would go with friends or my trainer, or I would try to bring my kids along.

"Cecelia never said at any stage that she never wanted to be on camera, but the only times she did turn up, we got her on camera, because that was only three or four times," he added.

Keoghan's six horses - Your Pal Tal, Mischief and Mayhem, Clancy Avenue, Overland Express, Mr Aviation and Addicted to Progress - were trained by James 'Fozzy' Stack of Thomastown Stud.