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Mad Men Fade into limelight

HOMEGROWN reality show Fade Street starring Louise Johnston is fading into the background, while international smash hit Mad Men has been pushed forward from its midnight time slot ... by 10 minutes.

RTE has given in to criticism and given its TV timetable a makeover this season, moving one of its biggest hits forward, and its burying its biggest bomb of the season.

Mad Men is considered one of the best shows on television with a string of awards to its name -- but seemingly that doesn't mean it's worthy of a primetime slot on RTE.

The show aired last Monday at 11:50.

And while there was uproar over the late time slot, it will be showing at 11:40 from now on.

An RTE spokesperson explained that its regular airtime is 11:40, but it aired ten minutes later last week simply because of a particularly long episode of Would You Believe before it.

The earlier time will come as welcome news to its thousands of fans, many of whom admitted they wouldn't be able to stay awake that late on a Monday night.

But it's not the only show getting a revamp for this year's schedule.

Fade Street was one of the most talked-about shows to hit our screens last year, with anticipation building up for months before its debut.

However, it has been universally panned by critics and since its ratings averaged at a dismal 100,000 viewers, it has been moved to a later time slot.

The reality show was originally buried at 10:50pm on Monday nights and has now been pushed even later to 11:30pm -- a far cry from the Thursday night primetime slot it was given when it first aired.