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Lust for fame ruined my marriage, says star chef Nick

MASTERCHEF star and celebrity maitre d' Nick Munier says his lust for the limelight caused the breakdown of his marriage.

Nick, who owns top Dublin restaurant Pichet, admitted his relationship with wife of 10 years Denise McBrien had come to an end.

"This is the biggest pain I have ever experienced in my life," he said.

"I have been holding it inside for months now and I feel it is time to let it out, to put a few things on the record."

Nick believes his constant need for validation from the media did irreconcilable damage to his relationship.

"I love the limelight," he said. "I find it so alluring. The creative side of me wants validation of what I do, public affirmation.

"I love being adored and I jumped at the chance to be on television. It was like being on stage; I loved everything about being recognised everywhere," he added.



The dad-of-three says the fame he experienced after appearing on hit TV shows, such as MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen, caused his ego to swell.

"It is like a child in me that needed to get out and play," he explains. "And the fame that came with television work gave me that freedom.

"I let it go too far. I can be excitable like that. I am a weak man for a bit of attention and a bit of flattery."

"It can do a lot for your confidence if you didn't have any confidence before. But it's not real," he said. "I lost sight of the things that mattered. I would have to agree I changed – if I'm honest, I think it went to my head. But I wasn't aware of that at the time. I blocked it out. I was selfish."

Kent-born Nick also started going out more and more frequently. "I don't get out at all but when I do, I really like to party."

Nick says he hopes his story will act as a lesson to other aspiring reality TV stars.

"Mine is a story of regret. I realise I am a flawed man, it is too late for me now but maybe it is a warning to others."

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