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Lucy insists it's not a big switch-off as she loses 10,000 Gerry listeners

RADIO stand-in Lucy Kennedy has denied that losing 10,000 of Gerry Ryan's listeners equates to a big switch off.

The RTE presenter is "not at all upset" by the figures according to her spokesperson.

The latest JNLR stats have revealed that the 2fm Colm and Lucy Show has attracted some 286,000 -- compared to approximately 296,000 at the time of Gerry's sudden death last April.

This is compared with surges of 30,000 for Marian Finucane's Saturday show and Miriam O'Callaghan clocking up more than 38,000 for Miriam Meets on Sundays.

However, a source close to Podge and Rodge's former co-star has said that far from being downcast about the figures, Lucy (34) is thrilled that so many listeners stayed tuned in to the show.

"She's not at all upset about them," she said. "I did tell her about the figures and she was delighted because she had read what people had been saying about them -- and 10,000 listeners is not such a huge drop. The producer and the team at 2fm all feel the same way."

However, Lucy will not be rejoining Colm on the airwaves for the rest of this month, as she is busy with her TV commitments.

Ryan Tubridy will be starting his new two-hour programme at the end of August after moving over from Radio 1 to 2fm to take over Gerry Ryan's slot.


The Late Late Show host, who started off as runner for Gerry Ryan before getting his big break, said he had a "long, hard think" about the job before deciding to take it.

"In my new role on 2fm, I will be presenting a programme that will be very different.

"But I will always be mindful of Gerry and the audience he built up down through the years. I will consider it an honour and a privilege to sit in the chair he sat in for so long," he said.