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Lovestruck Louie to let Carol go

FAIR City's lovestruck Louie will dump Carol tonight, telling her to leave him and marry her fiance Christy.

Louie decides to end the secret affair with soon-to-be-married Carol after he realises that she can't decide between him and Christy.

Carol and Louie, who work side by side in McCoys, have been engaged in an illicit affair since Christmas.

Unbeknown to Carol, Christy is aware something is going on between the pair but has opted to stay quiet.

Carol has promised Louie that she will end her relationship with Christy -- but it hasn't happened.

The situation comes to a head, with Louie deciding he's had enough after secretly observing Carol being charmed by Christy in their shop, before she kisses him passionately. Later, Carol's close pal Ali challenges her about her love for both men.

In McCoy's, Christy makes a big demonstration of his love for Carol, by showing love rival Louie a book of clippings of him and Carol together. He intends on giving it to his future wife as a wedding present.

Louie becomes upset and later bumps into former girlfriend Yvonne Doyle. He tells Yvonne he's been rejected by his perfect woman.

A dejected Louie heads to the park and approaches Carol apologising for putting pressure on her and that they will tell Christy together.

But just as Carol appears to be ready for this option, Ali interrupts her and stops her from doing it.

Ali then warns her that Louie will break her heart and she should stick with Christy.

However, Carol decides to reach out to Louie and apologises for walking away from him.

Louie tells her it's too late and ends their relationship. He tells her to leave him and go back to Christy.

So is it truly the end for the star-crossed pair?

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