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Love/Hate murder mirrors gang killing

ASSASSIN Darren gunned down the parents of a toddler -- in a cold-blooded murder that seemed all too real.

Filming for RTE's hit series Love/Hate was completed at the start of this year -- with scripts finished some time beforehand.

However, since then, there have been two gangland murders which bore similarities to last night's episode.

Gerard Eglington (26) was gunned down in Portarlington in front of two children, while Declan O'Reilly (32) was shot dead as he walked with his 12-year-old son in the city centre.

Both murders -- not believed to be connected -- were linked to various elements arising out of the Crumlin/Drimnagh feud.

Last night Love/Hate viewers saw gang leader Nidge sell RIRA man Dan "a pup" when questioned about the disappearance of Dano's father Git.

Nidge pointed the finger at Elmo and his cousin who fought with Git in a pub on the night he disappeared -- thereby taking the spotlight off him.

Dano then asked Nidge to take care of it.


Nidge asked Darren to oblige -- and agreed a fee of €50,000 for a double murder.

On the night he planned to kill him, Elmo spotted Darren on the street and invited him in for a drink.

Whilst drinking, Elmo realised that Darren had been sent to kill him and tearfully pleaded for his life.

Darren told him to disappear but said he would have to kill his cousin.

Elmo provided Darren with an address for his cousin.

Viewers saw Darren enter the home and shoot dead Elmo's cousin -- however, he was spotted by his partner who recognised him. Darren then shot the woman -- before coldly shooting her in the head to ensure she was dead. He then left their home as their toddler son cried upstairs alone.

The scenes are sure to shock viewers and come a week after the first episode showed Tommy's girlfriend Siobhan getting raped by Git, who was then battered to death by Tommy.

Nidge, Darren and Tommy had to call Fran to help dispose of the body -- but now they are under scrutiny from Nidge's son Dano, who is unaware as to what happened to his father and is looking to bring him home.