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Lottery chiefs stand by Nicky Byrne's new show


nicky byrne

nicky byrne

nicky byrne

THE National Lottery has defended Nicky Byrne's new show, Million Euro Challenge, despite mixed reaction from viewers.

The latest show from the National Lottery, which replaced Winning Streak, saw 80 complaints lodged with RTE when the first episode aired.

The new show then saw its viewing figures drop by almost 200,000 by the third instalment. However, the operator has stood by its new offering.

"It's a new format intended to appeal to both young and old," Eddie Banville of the National Lottery said. "I understand some of the criticism but if people give it a few weeks they will start to see its benefits."

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said that they were happy with their choice for the former Westlife star as host.

"Nicky Byrne has proven himself to be a great hit with our players and our viewers," she said.