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Loss too much for Gail

Yvonne tries to prevent an article about the tapas bar appearing in a newspaper until after the baby is born, while Ray is upset when Deegan criticises his appearance.

Niamh and Paul blame each other when Rachel goes missing, and Kylie demands that Dean gives up his cookery class.

Dean tries to stop Kylie playing games with him and finally breaks down in front of Tracey, telling her about all the things he has had to endure.

Yvonne accuses Connie of interfering in her life and making decisions behind her back, and Ray asks Keith to go away on a lads' weekend.

Gail refuses to go to the police about Joe's plan, and when they come to her it is to bring terrible news. Tyrone feels his quest to win back Molly is hopeless, Norris spreads gossip about Audrey, while Dev and Sunita's joy at deceiving her aunts is short-lived.

David tries to support Gail and Tina as they are overcome with grief when asked to identify Joe's body. Jackie arrives to look after Tyrone, while Sunita and Dev continue their charade, but only when they have got Matt away from her aunts. Meanwhile, Anna is afraid for Gary, and Janice is too keen to please Trevor.

Vince pleads with Riona not to put Sophie into care, but he fails to change her mind and social services take his granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Berni and Johnny's relationship hots up.

The Square comes to terms with recent events, but Zainab has her own concerns when she gets locked in the Unit and goes into labour.

Ian takes Jane's advice and tries to trust Lucy, until he finds her in a clinch with Leon.

Dotty learns the truth about her mother from Dot.

Christian prepares to stand up to Zainab and tell her the accusations must stop, but comes to her rescue when he finds her screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, a reunion between Dotty and her mother, Sandy, ends in heartbreak for Dot.

Laurel tells Ashley she is willing to give their marriage another try, and Jai warns Nikhil not to get involved in anything illegal connected to his new business venture. Elsewhere, Lisa worries about being sent to prison, Ryan confronts Nathan, and David offers Leyla a place to stay.

Laurel moves back into the vicarage with Ashley, but things are still awkward between the pair. Cain returns and is curious about the sat-nav deal between Debbie and Nikhil, Shadrach tells Lisa he will confess to the police, and Holly realises her feelings towards Aaron have cooled.

Ricky warns Duncan not to tell anyone his secret, and is touched when his friend vows to help him look after his ailing father. Meanwhile, Holly's behaviour continues to cause concern in the Hutchinson household, and Dave is forced to take sides when the rest of the students rally against Josh after the crash.

Tony snaps at Holly when she catches him comforting Theresa, causing the youngster to run away.

Meanwhile, tempers flare when Josh returns to the student halls. When Ricky is detained after school, Duncan secretly heads for the Campbell house.