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Look behind you Ryan

Nerves seemed to be kicking in early for Ryan Tubridy at a sneak preview of the Late Late Toy Show. The presenter was undoubtedly thrown for a loop when one little boy apparently tried to hit him over the head with a guitar, while a small girl went to whack him in the face with a cuddly toy.

And there was genuine fear in the lanky star's eyes as he perched on a small cart fit for a child. His fists were nearly white as he gripped the handles to avoid falling over.

The iconic event has become the marker that the festive season is well and truly upon us, and the new host has big shoes to fill. But it seems Ryan may be taking a different approach to his predecessor Pat Kenny -- who famously threw all his inhibitions to the wind for the occasion. It was even reported that Tubridy may not be sporting the traditional funky Christmas sweater.

However, he revealed that hosting the show -- which will feature an appearance by X Factor twins Jedward -- has always been one of his goals: "I know this is the one that I always wanted. I love the fact that children are uncontaminated by the reality of adulthood."