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Lisa's SOS to TV3 - bring back my show so I can go head-to-head with Norah

SELF-STYLED business expert Lisa Fitzpatrick would love to go head-to-head with Dragon's Den star Norah Casey in the TV schedules.

Last year, Lisa starred in TV3 show Save Our Shops which featured the celebrity stylist and businesswoman helping small businesses in a bid to revive flagging fortunes.

While the programme enjoyed healthy ratings, TV3 bosses have yet to give it the green light for a second series.

Meanwhile, Harmonia boss Norah (51) has just landed an RTE series entitled The Takeover for their autumn line-up, which will film the magazine mogul stand in as CEO of struggling companies.

Mum-of-two Lisa said she'd love to relish the chance to go head-to-head with the Dragon's Den star on Irish screens, but the future for SOS is not yet certain.

She told the Herald she's not holding her breath for its return.

"I haven't heard anything at all about it coming back. It rated well, but budgets are really hard at the moment. Norah's version will see her spend more time in the business and getting to know it properly. I like the idea of getting stuck in like that, I'd love to do that ... who knows what will come up ... The stations know what will or won't work," Lisa said.

"Norah's a very dynamic person and she's proven she can do it. The companies she's going into will benefit hugely from her help.

"I'll definitely be watching and supporting her," she added.

Norah's telly project is set to air in September on RTE Two.

The businesswoman, who is currently on holidays in Dubai, told the Herald that The Takeover is topical and timely.

"We've just finished filming the first episode at the Tea Time Express cake company in Chapelizod.

"I loved it and working with the bakers, I'm a bit of a control freak too, so I actually found it hard to give it back. I had to remind myself that actually it wasn't my business"