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Leigh to star in new ghost estate drama for TV3

A HOST of well-known actors including Leigh Arnold and Nora-Jane Noonan are filming a new drama based on life in a ghost estate.

Deception, which is currently filming for four weeks in Galway, is being made for TV3 and also includes actors such as Jim Norton, Conor Mullen and Vincent Walsh.

The drama, which is due to air in the autumn, is expected to reflect post-Celtic Tiger Ireland.

Deception is described as being "filled with instantly recognisable characters that the audience will relate to and stories relevant to the people of Ireland".

"The location is a small exclusive development, or it was exclusive back in 2007 when building started. Only one family bought off plan and paid top dollar. Others bought more recently. Some only rent. This is a semi-ghost estate," says the synopsis. "Each family/occupants come from a different background and have different values, different incomes and aspirations.

"Of course, at the heart of us all lie the same wants needs and desires. We just go about achieving them in different ways.

"With the recession biting everybody is scrambling for every cent. People are doing things they wouldn't normally consider; things that make their skin crawl to make ends meet, to protect the people they care about. We explore these dark recesses.

"In 2008 the houses were valued at €675,000. In 2012 the houses are valued at €310,000. That's the asking price. You'll get one for less if you've got cash in hand."

Leigh Arnold came to national attention when she appeared in RTE drama The Clinic alongside Amy Huberman. In April this year she gave birth to her first child Hunter James with fiance Steve Davies.

Nora-Jane Noonan won widespread critical acclaim for her role in Magdalene Sisters and also appeared in Coronation Street.