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Laura quits the Big Brother house

Laura has become the third person to quit the Big Brother house.

The 20-year-old sales assistant left at 8.52am on Wednesday before any of the other housemates had been woken by the alarm.

As the lights came on and the housemates began to notice the self-proclaimed sex-mad Laura was not around, they began to ask questions.

Katie Price lookalike Corin asked: "Where's Laura?"

Army veteran Steve said: "Is she in the toilet?"

Air hostess Rachel suggested she was probably in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. Boxer JJ said: "You don't think she's gone, do you?"

But the others seem convinced she will return from the Diary Room.

Since arriving in the house on Friday evening, Laura has cried on many occasions and told fellow housemates and Big Brother she is thinking of leaving. She revealed she is missing her boyfriend, and is worried time apart from him will jeopardise their relationship.

On Tuesday morning when she told Corin, Josie, Mario and Ben she was going to leave, they persuaded her to stay a bit longer and think it over. They told her they had all had times of feeling upset and wanting to quit the show, but promised her she will get over it. After her chat she went to the Diary Room and said she had decided to give it another week. But on Wednesday morning, after speaking to Big Brother, she left through the Diary Room door.

Laura has become one of the housemates with the shortest ever Big Brother stay - just 100 hours.

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