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Latest Come Dine With Me group ends up in hot water

The Irish version of Come Dine With Me is back on the menu for viewers from next week.

After resting the programme for a few weeks, TV3 has returned it to the schedule and will start screening the booze-filled Limerick edition from Monday.

And it promises to be a real treat for viewers -- thanks to the eclectic mix of characters, who end up in a hot tub during one of the nights and have a rummage through someone's lingerie drawer in another episode.

The line-up for the show set in Limerick, described favourably by narrator Dave Lamb (right) as "the birthplace of the legendary Richard Harris", looks like being the most sizzling to date.


During the opening moments of the show, he says: "On today's show... spread of disease, conversational unease and somebody pees."

Hosting the first night's programme on Monday will be gorgeous radio presenter Nadia Sakni (31), who fronts a show for Live95FM called School Anthems with Nadia.

A self-confessed chatter box, she starts off by explaining how she'd "talk the ear of anybody" and her fellow diners needn't worry about any awkward silences during the dinner.

Also on next week's show will be Cyril O'Neill, an Elvis Presley devotee and a big fan of salmon fishing who also has very strong views on why he reckons men make better cooks.

They'll be competing against city slicker and car salesman Graham Culleton (30), a flashy guy who admits how he's "not the average country person".

Limerick mum Kathleen McHugh is also aiming to impress and battle it out for the €1,000 prize, as is glamorous beautician Jane Higgins-Sheedy (33), a mum-of-three.

She previously told the Herald how her eldest daughter Michaela (12) pushed her to apply for the show but she was "mortified" when the camera crews showed up at their family home in Kilmallock.

"I had to warn Michaela about a couple of things that are going to be aired," she said.

"They went through your private drawers in your room and some of my private stuff is on air, so when I told her, she was cringing!

"It was extremely difficult that week, every night we weren't getting home until 2.30am to 3am and I was up with the baby at 7am. I was exhausted by the Saturday."